How to Train for Your First Bike Tour

Training for a bike tour can be scary, but not if you plan. Get a 6 month training plan for your next bike tour and be ready for long days in the saddle.

In Photos: The Deserted Mansions of Kep, Cambodia

Kep, Cambodia. Jungle clad mountains rolling into turquoise waters made it the perfect escape for upper class Phnom Penhoise. That is, until upheaval, genocide, and decades of civil war ripped Cambodia into pieces, leaving behind only the ruined mansions of Kep, a ghostly reminder of what once was here.

Otres Beach: Cambodia’s Hippie Hideaway

Otres Beach is a secluded beach nearby Cambodia’s port city of Sihanoukville. Although not much at first glance, the sleepy cover hides a hippie enclave alive with creative energy.

Hiking the Huayhuash Solo: Logistics

So you want to follow in the footsteps of Joe Simpson from Touching The Void? Or you just want to see some of the most remote mountain wilderness outside of the Himalayas? You’re looking for the Huayhuash mountain range. For 10 days during October, 2015, I hiked alone through the Huayhuash Mountain range. For those…