Megan Brake

A content strategist with over six years of experience transforming the communications and marketing of international non-profits and businesses through stunning content, fierce SEO, on-trend social media, and advanced analytics.

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What I Offer

Small businesses and non-profits need to be seen in the modern digital landscape. While big brands dominate the world of social media and search engines, others fall behind. You need cutting-edge, innovative marketing tactics to get your message in front of your audience. I can help you get there.


SEO + Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing are more than just buzzwords, they are my specialty. Using advanced metrics to gain unique insights into your audience, I can find out how they are searching for you, and what content they want to see from you. Together, we can create content that will build a relationship between your audience and your brand.


Authentic Digital Marketing

Organic is important, but when it comes to getting in front of new eyes, it never hurts to put some money behind the message. With years of experience in the digital agency setting, I know which tactics to use when. So that we make sure the messages that matter most get in front of your audience when they need to.


Organic Social Media Management

Organic social for brands is not the same as a personal Instagram account. I take an innovative approach to organic brand social media, with a focus on User Generated Content and data-derived strategy.


Holistic, Custom Made Marketing Strategies

Data-driven strategies, deep insight into metrics. I am Google Analytics certified, a definite Google Search Console nerd, and a lover of data visualization. I will build a marketing strategy that is testable, adaptable, and ultimately, effective.

SEO & Content

The most important blend your website needs.

What is SEO? What is black hat SEO? What about white hat?

If you feel confused by the terms, don’t worry, I’m here to guide you. From an initial technical SEO scan of your website to find any lurking problems, to in-depth keyword research and audience profiles, I do the grunt work to make sure your SEO strategy is thoughtful, not slapdash.

Only once we have the strategy do we start with the content, artfully weaving together the words that are most likely to elicit an emotional connection with your audience. All targeted to generate donations, spur purchases, or evoke action. Whatever your desired outcome.


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