Visit Choquequirao Without A Guide

Visit Choquequirao without a guide and discover one of the best kept secrets of Peru: a temple as grand as Macchu Picchu with only 20 visitors a day.

Hiking Colca Canyon Without A Guide

How to hike Colca Canyon without a guide, with funny insights from my trip in December 2015 plus bonus round of me making an incredibly stupid decision.

Hiking the Huayhuash Solo: Logistics

So you want to follow in the footsteps of Joe Simpson from Touching The Void? Or you just want to see some of the most remote mountain wilderness outside of the Himalayas? You’re looking for the Huayhuash mountain range. For 10 days during October, 2015, I hiked alone through the Huayhuash Mountain range. For those…

Street Food of the World: Chocho

Food: Chocho Country: Peru Region: Huaraz Flavor: Savory Spice level: 4/10 Meet one of my favorite street foods in the entire world: the Peruvian super food secret – Chocho! What is Chocho? Chocho is probably the healthiest street food I’ve ever found. Basically, it is a salad made up mostly of the tarwi bean (we’ll…